Library2_imageThe TGH Patient & Family Library part of the TGH Patient Education Department, recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Since opening its doors, over 6,400 patients, family members, UHN staff, and community members have visited the library.

Patients frequently make return visits to the library to report how valuable the information was in helping them better understand, cope with, and manage their health issues.

"In the last year, the library has been committed to listening to and, learning from, our patrons," says Elke Ruthig, Manager, Patient Education, TGH. "Our recent research has helped us better understand the importance of the library to our patients, their families, our staff, and community members, as well as their thoughts for growing our services. What they had to say will allow us to enhance our consumer health educational materials to meet patron needs, create better access to these resources, and assist patrons to in crease their health literacy skills. This includes the ability to process, then use, the information we provide in order to partner in their care and make informed decisions for their health." 

What does the library have to offer?

• Books, manuals, self-management guides, videos, CDs and DVDs to borrow 
• Free pamphlets on many different diseases and health conditions, treatments, tests, and healthy lifestyle choices
• Customized, evidence-informed information packages on health topics that meet the needs of the client
• Free access to the internet for reliable health information searches or access to interactive computer learning programs
• Assistance to locate other health care services offered in the hospital or in the community 
• A free monthly e-newsletter 

The library team encourages all staff to refer their patients to the library if they need further information on their health issues. Staff are also welcome to use the library themselves on behalf of patients or family members, or for themselves.

TGH Patient & Family Library
Eaton Lobby, Room 216
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Contact Lavern Gravis, Patient Education Coordinator, at the library at 14- 5951 or

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