A new video about the program features UHN Safety Coaches sharing their experiences. (Video: UHN)

With 77 per cent of staff and physicians trained in Error Prevention Tools – surpassing Caring Safely's original goal – the team is now moving towards supporting the use of tools across UHN.

The introduction of a new Safety Coach Program aims to do just that

The Safety Coach Program is a peer-to-peer coaching initiative that is rolling out across clinical and non-clinical areas at UHN. Intended to integrate safety behaviours into everyday practice, key responsibilities of Safety Coaches include teaching and reinforcing error prevention tools, sharing learnings, storytelling and being the safety champion on a unit or within their department.


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Regardless of their role at UHN, any staff member can volunteer to become a coach.

"Being a Safety Coach is a great chance for me to endorse and influence safety culture change in my workplace for the benefit of patients, staff and the organization," says Ramona Gheorghe, a nurse on Toronto Rehab's Geriatric Inpatient Unit who is a Safety Coach.

Jennifer Ryan, Administrative Assistant and Safety Coach at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, echoes those sentiments: "I am not a nurse. I am not a physician. But I still have a role in safety at UHN.

"We're in healthcare. Everyone has a role and a responsibility in safety."

Group shot after Safety Coach training
Group shot taken after a recent Safety Coach training session. (Photo: UHN)

Brenda Perkins-Meingast, Director, Practice Based Education, calls Safety Coaches "local champions that will get the opportunity to network and meet other like-minded individuals from across the organization.

"This opportunity will provide leadership skills in reinforcing the safety behaviours and error prevention tools that will support UHN's goal of eliminating preventable harm for both our patients and staff," she says.

Becoming a Safety Coach includes a three-hour training session and a one-hour monthly meetings of all coaches to share, learn and further develop skills.

"It is also an excellent occasion to learn more about coaching, and expand my coaching skills," Ramona says. "I'm very excited about this wonderful initiative and I'm looking forward to an amazing collaboration with my peers."

To date, there are 59 trained safety coaches across UHN. Learn more about becoming one.

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