Lionel Strang
Dr. Madeline Li, a psychiatrist in the Department of Supportive Care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, joined Lionel on the first part of his walk. Lionel calls Dr. Li “a rock” of support for him. (Photo: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation)

Lionel Strang has been counting the days for a long time – all of the days since he faced a tough cancer diagnosis nearly three years ago.

In September 2014, Lionel was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. He received his diagnosis in his hometown of Barrie, Ont., but came to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for his treatment.

He saw a doctor who helped him get involved with a clinical trial. Lionel would learn that an average patient in his situation had two years to live.

Lionel decided to start counting each day that he lived. After the first year, Lionel and his family and friends hosted a barbeque to celebrate and fundraise for the Princess Margaret. With help from about 20 friends, he raised $1,200 and the second time around the event raised $8,000.

This year, Lionel is walking from the Princess Margaret to his home in Barrie in support of the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic. On Saturday, he will celebrate at the third 'One More Year' barbeque.

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