Dr. Kristin Musselman
Dr. Kristin Musselman, a research scientist at Toronto Rehab's KITE Research Institute, focuses her research on optimizing the rehabilitation and measurement of walking, balance and upper limb movements following damage to the nervous system. (Photo: UHN)

Dr. Kristin Musselman is a pioneer in research designed to get patients with partial spinal cord injury up and walking again.

In this edition of UHN's "Behind the Breakthrough" podcast, she talks about her latest research, how it relies heavily on patient input, and the satisfaction of seeing those same patients try new strategies to regain mobility and maintain their balance.

"We are working with those patients from the beginning to learn about what they feel are the major issues and how they think the problem could be resolved, which is crucial," explains Dr. Musselman.

"And then of course being able to actually implement the training and work with the patients to see what gains they're able to make….is a very rewarding experience as well."

Dr. Musselman also tackles the barriers to rehab access for spinal cord injured patients, and the important role mentors have played in her award-winning career.

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