PMH Merck imagePrincess Margaret Hospital is joining Merck's global oncology research network, a group of leading international cancer research institutions working together to develop new cancer drugs faster for patients.

The $17.3-million partnership over five years was announced April 15 at PMH by Ontario's Minister for Research and Innovation, John Milloy, and Merck Canada President Carlos Dourado. The Ontario government investment is $2.6 million through its Biopharmaceutical Investment Program.

Leading the partnership for PMH are Drs. Ben Neel, Director of the Ontario Cancer Institute and the Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute, and Dr. Malcolm Moore, who heads the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology and the Robert and Maggie Bras and Family New Drug Development Program.

"PMH and Merck are aligned with a passion to find new cancer drugs," said Dr. Moore. "This is exciting and important work to give patients early access to new compounds. We are also asking the question why drugs work in some people, but not others."

Dr. Chris Paige, Vice-President, Research at UHN, said: "The PMH Cancer Program at UHN is pleased to be a partner in this network as it will enable our patients to benefit from early access to innovative treatments."

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