Christine Elliott
Christine Elliott, Ontario's Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, told a news conference at Hillcrest Reactivation Centre on Wednesday that investing in partnerships between hospitals and home and community care providers "can tackle the challenge of hallway healthcare head on to ensure patients are receiving the high-quality care they expect and deserve." (Photo: UHN)

Ontario is making major investments to expand home and community care to help end hallway healthcare and build more capacity in communities across the province.

The province's Deputy Premier and Health Minister, Christine Elliott, announced an additional $155 million this year to expand home and community care services.

"Home and community care play a critical role in ending hallway healthcare," Minister Elliott told a news conference Wednesday at Hillcrest Reactivation Centre in Toronto, which UHN runs in partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Care.

"By making these significant investments and supporting partnerships between home and community care providers and busy hospitals, patients will experience quicker transitions between receiving hospital care and returning home with the appropriate support they need to properly recover, while also making sure hospital beds are available for those who need them."

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