fehlings (1).jpgDr. Michael Fehlings, Medical Director of the Krembil Neuroscience Centre has been awarded the North American Spine Society's 2009 Leon Wiltse Award for excellence in leadership and/or clinical research in spine care. The honour will be recognized at the Society's annual general meeting being held this November.

Peters.jpgDr. Vera Peters, will be inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2010. Dr. Peters, who started her career at Toronto General Hospital in the 1940s and worked at Princess Margaret Hospital until her retirement, is internationally acclaimed as a clinician who changed the management of Hodgkin's disease and breast cancer.



The annual Wilson Centre Research Day, held on October 9, was a successful event highlighting research in health professional education conducted by faculty and students affiliated with the Wilson Centre. It was a unique opportunity to share and celebrate the remarkable depth and breadth of scholarship in health professional education underway at the University Health Network. Here are the award recipients:

honour-roll-whyte.jpgSarah Whyte, Wilson Centre Research Fellow, is the Richard Reznick Research Award recipient for outstanding research paper entitled: "Uptake of a Team Briefing in the Operating Theatre: A Burkean Dramatistic Analysis."

honour-roll-safir.jpgOleg Safir, Wilson Centre Research Fellow, is the Richard Reznick Research Award recipient for best poster presentation for the paper entitled: "Self directed learning is as good as instructor guided practice when learning a complex surgical skill."

SylviaPapp, medical student at Wilson Centre, is the People's Choice winner for her "One Minute Wonder" presentation for the project, "Design and evaluation of a new website for the PMH wig salon & accessories boutique."

Scott Reeves, Wilson Centre Scientist, received the Wilson Centre Mentorship Award 2008-2009 in recognition of outstanding individual mentorship in the Wilson Centre Fellowship Program.

Vicki Leblanc, Wilson Centre Scientist, received the Wilson Centre Award for highest rated presentation at the Wilson Centre Research Rounds 2008-2009 for her presentation entitled: "Stress and performance: Insights from 5 years of research.


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