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​The 16-page Toronto Star Special Section, which is offered in print and online, gives an up-close view of the work being done across the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.

Fresh stats released by the Heart and Stroke Foundation this first week of Heart Month, paint a good news-bad news portrait of the evolution of cardiac health in Canada.

On the positive side, "the chances of dying from a heart attack have decreased five-fold," over the past 60 years, according to the Foundation's Getting to the Heart of the Matter.

Dramatic increases in survival rates are a testament to groundbreaking treatments and research, many of which were born at UHN's Peter Munk Cardiac Centre – home to several world firsts in cardiac care.

Still, more than 66,000 deaths in Canada a year are attributed to heart disease. It remains the second leading cause of death in this country after cancer. Some 55,000 new patients are diagnosed with heart disease in Canada each year.

Much more work remains, especially in the area of early detection of heart disease and in ensuring healthy behaviours are adopted within the population on a consistent and ongoing basis.

A window on the breadth and scope of the work taking place to improve patient outcomes and support early diagnosis of heart disease was revealed this week in a special feature section on the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in the Toronto Star. Sixteen pages, 16 stories. In print and online.

It provides an up-close view on everything from the impact on patients, donors and medical professionals, to the latest research, and newest procedures housed within UHN's largest program.

To read the Toronto Star Special Section on the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, look here.​

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