​​Image of Toronto Western Hospital
KNC is home to world-renowned researchers. (Photo: UHN)

Text from Toronto Star:

No one notices the old man who shuffles into the physiotherapy office.

"Hello," he says to the receptionist. "I'm here!"

That voice can only belong to one man.

Even in just a few words, Andy Barrie still has that distinctive timbre that boomed into the bedrooms of Torontonians almost every dawn for 15 years with pointed questions, tell-it-like-it-is facts and wit.

But it's weary.

Softer, gravely — far more than aging and time would explain.

For now.

In a few hours, after his body gets moving, Barrie will seem like his old self again: the robust man behind the microphone and at the helm of Metro Morning, which became Toronto's top-rated morning radio show thanks to him.

Round cheeks. Proud chest. Energetic eyes — it's because of Deep Brain Stimulation, a surgery that, he says, dialed back the clock on his Parkinson's Disease.

The disease that left him "like a marionette with the strings cut," he says. "You just slump there."

Keep that image. The marionette's important and we'll get back to it. Right now, there's physiotherapy to do.

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