Two women holding badges
Colleagues Andrea Bagiamis (L) and Erin Trescases, pictured at the People Strategy launch event at Toronto Rehab holding PVP badges. (Photo: UHN)

Erin Trescases likes what she sees in a first glance at UHN's new 2019-2023 People Strategy.

Erin, Service Coordinator in the Complex Injury Outpatient Rehab program at Toronto Rehab, has been at UHN for 15 years and says she welcomes the special focus on how to best support TeamUHN members and provide growth opportunities for them within the organization.

"I think launching a 'People Strategy' is refreshing as it really shows that people's voices are being heard and care is being placed into improving the workplace experience for all," she says.

UHN's 2019-2023 People Strategy was launched last week with events across all sites. The aim was to make it interactive and empower employees to get excited about the future of the workplace.

"Ultimately, the aim of our People Strategy is for TeamUHN to feel proud, excited, and, of course, supported when coming to work," says Eric Beaudoin, Director, People, Strategy and Innovation. "It belongs to us all and will allow each of us to contribute to reaching our full potential as a leader in world-class care."

The launch events were interactive, offering an opportunity to learn in depth about the strategy, be a part of a mural showcasing the different faces of UHN, and offered movie-style popcorn.

Andrea Bagiamis, Service Coordinator in the Complex Injury Outpatient Rehab program, says she appreciated how engaging the event was and learning that one of the areas of focus is promoting a holistic approach to employee wellness.

"Seeing the roadmaps that are being cultivated from this will not only benefit retention but also engage new employees," says Andrea, who has been at UHN for two-and-a-half years.

"Wellness is definitely something that many workplaces struggle with, and knowing that you are supported in the workplace will only create more productivity and resiliency."

PVP badges on a table
It was also announced last week that PVP (Purpose, Values, Principles) badges will be coming in January. The idea is for TeamUHN members to recognize each other for emulating one of UHN’s five values – safety, compassion, teamwork, integrity, stewardship – and then pass it on. (Photo: UHN)

The People Strategy outlines three key priorities: an enriching experience, a great place to work, and an energizing future. Aligning with UHN's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, it brings a greater focus to quality of work life and resiliency through continuous change.

The development of the strategy was a collaborative effort with the support and feedback from a variety of people across UHN.

 "Over the next five years we aim to continue to foster a vibrant, inclusive and engaging culture," says Emma Pavlov, Executive Vice President HR and Organizational Development. "The People Strategy will support our journey in achieving this."

In addition to the People Strategy, last week saw the introduction of a new "pass-it-forward" initiative: PVP badges. The five different badges outline UHN's values: safety, compassion, teamwork, integrity and stewardship.

The idea behind the badges is for team members to recognize each other for emulating one of the values, and then to pass it on. This will continue to foster the importance of the core values into the culture across UHN. The official launch of the badges is set for January.

"I think many of us are aware that for being such a large organization, it can be difficult to create a cohesive culture and have that trickle down into all the different sites, says Andrea. "I really think that the launch of this strategy is driving that forward – helping us all to get on the same page."

The People Strategy is available to read and review at [Editor's Note: Link is no longer available]. Feedback is welcome.

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