Susan Maturine
Susan Maturine, who retired last Friday, was "always ready with a smile, sharing a lot of laughter and most of all, her warm, loving nature," according to one longtime colleague. (Photo: UHN Transcription Services)

Susan Maturine never had any intention of being "a lifer" at UHN.

"I had only planned to work here for one year, as I had a young son at home," Susan recalled recently to her colleagues in UHN Transcription Services. "Well, 39 years and three children (and several grandchildren) later, I'm still here! 

"I can't believe where the time went."

It wasn't just a long time, it was a period of tremendous technological change.

When Susan started in Health Records at Toronto General Hospital on March 10, 1980, paper charts and cassettes were the order of the day. Now, electronic patient records (EPR) and digital voice dictation software are key tools in Transcription Services, where Susan hung up her headphones Friday, March 29.

"Our office just won't be the same without Susan – she is always ready with a smile, sharing a lot of laughter and most of all, her warm, loving nature," says Ann Stark, Team Lead.

"I am so excited for this new chapter in her life but I'm really going to miss her – we all are."

After two placements outside of Transcription Services, working for busy physicians at Toronto General, Susan came back to the department, which she describes as her "home away from home." 

Over the years, with the dictation technology changing so often, Susan worked on at least 15 different systems as well as being one of the first people to use EPR, which was then known as health data systems, or HDS.

"Susan is always the first one to offer a helping hand in any task that needs doing," says Sandra Clifford, Supervisor, Transcription Services. "She works hard and always has a bright smile on her face.

"With all of our technology changes and office moves, Susan always adapted and thrived.

"I know she will really enjoy retirement, but I'm going to miss my dear friend."

Susan will definitely have a busy dance card in her retirement.  In addition to trips abroad, bowling, her catering business, aquafit and organizing casino bus trips, Susan will get to spend more much-deserved time with her beautiful family and friends. 

One thing Susan won't miss?  "Getting up at 4:30 am to drive to work!"

"Time really does fly when you're having fun," Susan says. "I've been so fortunate to work with really wonderful people."

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