Congratulations to Dr. Mojgan Hodaie, attending staff neurosurgeon at UHN's Krembil Brain Insititute and professor in the Department of Surgery at University of Toronto (U of T), for achieving four recognitions by the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) at U of T:

  • Institute of Medical Science Sustained Excellence in Education Award for exceptional sustained contributions to graduate education that positively impacts the Institute of Medical Science students;
  • Institute of Medical Science Faculty Recognition Award for Exceptional Mentorship for exceptional contribution to graduate mentorship;
  • Institute of Medical Science Faculty Recognition Award for Strong Citizenship for strong contributions to IMS graduate activities; 
  • Institute of Medical Science Faculty Recognition Award for Exceptional Teaching for exceptional contributions in teaching IMS graduate courses.

In 2022, the IMS established the Faculty Recognition Awards to recognize faculty members who have made significant contributions to the IMS, within a five-year term. These awards recognize contributions in the categories of mentorship, citizenship and teaching. The categories have been divided into two levels: exceptional and strong, according to the faculty members' IMS activity.

Dr. Hodaie is also the Greg Wilkins-Barrick Chair in International Surgery at UHN and the Postgraduate Medical Education Director for the Department of Surgery at U of T. Her surgical practice and research laboratory are dedicated to unraveling the underpinnings of the severe pain condition of trigeminal neuralgia using advanced brain imaging technology. Her interest and dedication to education spans local, national and international activities.

"As a surgeon scientist, I have the unique privilege of engaging with learners in both clinical and research settings," says Dr. Hodaie. "This dual role allows me to seamlessly integrate clinical treatments and decision-making with the research that aims to find better understanding of the brain and derive better treatment protocols."


Congratulations to Dr. Rodrigo B. Cavalcanti, (L), Division of General Internal Medicine at Toronto Western Hospital, for being awarded the 2023 Department of Medicine Robert Hyland Award for Excellence in Mentorship. This award recognizes faculty who have shown sustained excellence in mentoring other members of the department, including helping them to develop their professional careers while balancing the competing challenges of their personal lives.

Congratulations to Dr. Shail Rawal, (C), Division of General Internal Medicine at Toronto Western Hospital, for being awarded the 2023 Department of Medicine Michael Gordon Award for Humanism in Medicine. This award recognizes faculty who exemplify a deep and abiding commitment to humanism in health care.

Congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Melvin, (R), Division of General Internal Medicine at Toronto Western Hospital, for being awarded the 2023 Department of Medicine William Goldie Prize and Travel Award in Education. This award recognizes faculty within 10 years of appointment to the department and who have contributed notable merit to the advancement of sound knowledge in internal medicine through education.

Each year, the Department of Medicine at U of T honours faculty members who have made significant and meaningful contributions to education, teaching, research, quality and innovation, humanism, mentorship and clinical practice. These prizes and awards celebrate faculty members and recognize the local and global impact of the Department of Medicine at U of T.


Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Craven, Senior Scientist at UHN's KITE Research Institute, and Medical Director of the Spinal Cord Rehab Program at Toronto Rehab, and Dr. Tilak Dutta, KITE scientist and Engineering Health team Lead, for winning the KITE Community Service Award.

The annual honour is bestowed on one senior scientist and one scientist who have made significant and lasting contributions to the KITE community. These contributions could involve serving on committees, providing peer support, assisting with fundraising/foundation activities, attending events and community activities, or engaging with partners and stakeholders.

Dr. Craven's research redefines patients' experiences with common health conditions that come after a spinal cord injury, helping them avoid or better manage heart disease, diabetes and fracture. Dr Craven leads UHN's Pride in Patient Engagement in Research initiative and KITE's central recruitment process with vision and tenacity. She has published more than 200 articles on related topics and obtained $24 million in research funding as a primary investigator.

The objective of Dr. Dutta's work is to develop better tools to support successful aging in our own homes. His primary interest is preventing injuries in caregivers through the development of improved patient lifting products, caregiver education/coaching systems to change how care is delivered.

Dr. Dutta's team designs, builds, tests, refines and commercializes these tools in collaboration with commercial partners and policy makers. The process involves iteratively testing prototypes in simulation labs, often with older adults as participants.

Medicine by Research.com recognizes the top 500 Ranking of Best Scientists from UHN's Department of Medicine and University of Toronto's Temerty Faculty of Medicine. 

Congratulations to these members of UHN's Department of Medicine and the University of Toronto's Temerty Faculty of Medicine for being featured in the top 500 in Canada of the 2023 Edition of our Ranking of Best Scientists in the field of Medicine by Research.com:

  • #7: Anthony E. Lang – Krembil Research Institute
  • #16: Dafna D. Gladman – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • #52: Frances A. Shepherd – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • #63: Bernard Zinman – University of Toronto
  • #142: Robert Chen – UHN
  • #311: Robert D. Inman – Krembil Research Institute
  • #331: Kevin C. Kain – UHN
  • #372: David W. Hedley – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • #436: Peter L. Carlen – UHN
  • #446: Geoffrey Liu – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • #449: Susan R. George – Toronto General Hospital
  • #463: John S. Floras – UHN
  • #477: Lillian L. Siu – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • #491: Pamela J. Goodwin – University of Toronto

The ranking is based on D-index (Discipline H-index) metric, which only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline. The ranking includes only leading scientists with D-index of at least 70 for academic publications made in the area of medicine.

Research.com's best scientists ranking is a trustworthy list of leading scholars from the area of medicine, based on a thorough study of 166,880 researchers identified from various bibliometric data sources. For the field of medicine, as many as 68,936 scholars were analyzed. Their goal is to inspire scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians worldwide to examine where prominent experts are heading and to offer a way for the whole research community to discover who the leading experts in specific areas of study, in various countries, or even within research institutions are.


Congratulations to the following physiotherapy colleagues, for receiving a U of T Department of Physical Therapy Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Award.

Exceptional Achievement Awards in Research and Education:

  • Elizabeth Inness, (L), - Toronto Rehab and UHN's KITE Research Institute, for demonstrating excellence in the development and dissemination of new knowledge in a collaborative manner and fostering the development of new researchers;
  • Gillian Johnston, (R), - Toronto Rehab, for demonstrating education excellence to physical therapy students in their teaching practice and educational innovation.

Recognition Awards, acknowledging individuals who have provided great learning environments, guidance, supervision, or have been inspirational to students:

  • Bonnie Cai-Duarte - Toronto Rehab
  • Margot Catizzone - Toronto Rehab
  • Nathalie Cote - Toronto General
  • Manoela de Paula Ferreira - Toronto General
  • Scott Durno - Toronto Rehab
  • Ana Ferreira - Toronto Rehab
  • Karen Fong - Toronto Rehab
  • Cheryl Foster - Toronto Rehab
  • Nicole Gastle - Toronto Rehab
  • Megan Hudson - Princess Margaret
  • Gillian Johnston - Toronto Rehab
  • Anita Kaiser - Toronto Rehab
  • Raisa Kassam - Toronto Rehab
  • Karen Lee - Princess Margaret
  • Vincent Lo - Toronto General
  • Siobhan McKittrick - Toronto Rehab
  • Kristin Musselman - Toronto Rehab
  • Rina Reyes - Toronto Rehab
  • Shelina Sajoo - Toronto Rehab
  • Simone Smith - Toronto Rehab
  • Marissa Taylor - Toronto Rehab
  • Alexandra Young - Toronto Rehab
  • Jamie Young - Toronto Rehab

(Top, L to R): Tam Bui, Kelsey Ashley, Pooja Kumar. (Bottom, L to R): Vula Zingaro, David Clark, Carly Stier.

Congratulations to the following occupational therapy colleagues, for receiving a University of Toronto's Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Educator Recognition Award, for providing outstanding fieldwork teaching during a placement by effectively facilitating student learning.

  • Kelsey Ashley – Toronto Western
  • Tam Bui – Toronto Western
  • David Clark – Toronto Western
  • Pooja Kumar – Toronto Rehab
  • Carly Stier – Toronto Rehab
  • Vula Zingaro – Toronto Rehab


Congratulations to Gordon Nicholson, speech-language pathologist (SLP) at Toronto Western, for receiving a University of Toronto Department of Speech-Language Pathology Award for Teaching Excellence in a Clinical Placement. This award recognizes SLPs who have made outstanding contributions to the education of students.

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