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Diabetes College allows anyone in Ontario to access reliable health resources to help them manage their diabetes. (Photo: Freepik)

Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing health challenges, affecting more than 460 million people worldwide. Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, exercising regularly and losing weight can help control Type 1 diabetes and prevent Type 2 diabetes.

To address this growing challenge, and with the continued support of Sun Life, Toronto Rehab is expanding Sun Life Diabetes College, an online, interactive resource hub that offers evidence-based materials to help those living with diabetes understand their disease and take control of their health.

"Together we are improving and expanding Sun Life Diabetes College in response to our growing, worldwide need for effective, virtual diabetes education and care," says Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of UHN's Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program.

The mission of Sun Life Diabetes College is to be a global leader in diabetes patient education to reduce health disparities, improve health literacy and self-management and ultimately lead to better overall health. Since launching in 2016, close to 16,000 Canadians have used this valuable resource.

The updated website will feature educational materials to support a recently launched 16-week virtual program to help participants manage their diabetes and achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

Managing diabetes and reaching health and lifestyle goals

Accessible, evidence-based health information has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this online format, anyone in Ontario will be able to access reliable health resources to help them manage their diabetes. By building partnerships with organizations across Canada and globally, Sun Life Diabetes College is helping those living with diabetes control their disease, make better lifestyle choices and improve their overall health.

The 16-week program offers a team of health experts to help participants manage their diabetes and reach their health and lifestyle goals by:

  • Joining scheduled sessions to learn how to treat diabetes, get active, eat healthy, feel well and take control of their health
  • Receiving prescriptions for personalized, safe and effective exercise programs
  • Meeting with diabetes team members including kinesiologists, dietitians, social workers, psychologists and physicians as needed
  • Gaining support from peers

This new virtual initiative will create positive and lasting change by empowering participants across the province to adopt lifestyle changes that will help them prevent the complications of diabetes and lead healthier lives.

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