Observe the heartbeat of Canada’s premier cardiac centre through the eyes of a doctor and a patient. (Video: UHN/PMCC)

heart month logoMore than 160,000 patients walked through the doors of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at UHN in 2017 – every one of them adults needing life-changing or life-saving cardiovascular medical care.

​Each of these patients came with family or loved ones or friends. And each of these patients had one or more doctors, nurses and allied health team members support them through their medical journey – both in the hospital and at home.

During Heart Month 2018, UHN News is going to get personal by speaking to some of the patients, their family members and caregivers who will be receiving cardiac or vascular care at UHN this month. These quick, daily snapshots will peer into their lives – the worries, hopes, regrets, and gratitude they may come to experience as they grapple with their heart condition.

Watch for these daily videos on UHN (@uhn) and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (@pmunkcardiacctr) social media platforms.​

Take control

Nine out of 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

The good news is the vast majority of these risk factors can be controlled through things such as: diet, exercise, cholesterol, stress, smoking.​

IssueAim forAvoid
Diet:Healthy varietyTrans fat, saturated fat, sodium & refined sugars
Exercise:20 minutes/daySedentary lifestyle
Cholesterol:Cholesterol level of less than 3.5 millimoles per litreToo much low density or LDL cholesterol
Stress:More sleep Physical activity Stress managementAdded or undue stress.
Smoking:Smoking cessation resourcesTriggers and temptations to smoke

As Heart Month 2018 begins, here's a look back at some of the most popular UHN News stories from previous years:


So many reasons to live: Geoff's story​

Geoff Speirs plays with his son, Lincoln
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre patient Geoff Speirs skirted death, survived a stroke, was fitted with a mechanical heart and then became a father for the second time. It was just the second time a patient from PMCC with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) went on to become a parent. The device, often used as a bridge to a heart transplant, gave Speirs enough time before a donor heart became available. (Photo: The Globe and Mail)​


Myths & Tips about heart disease and heart health with Dr. Heather Ross, cardiologist, PMCC​​

​ ​​​
Dr. Heather Ross, cardiologist, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and leading cardiac transplantation physician, discusses common myths and tips about heart disease and heart health she encounters. Dr. Ross and several other healthcare staff from Canada’s premier cardiac centre share their myths and tips during Heart Month 2016. (Video: UHN/PMCC)

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