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The Globe and Mail magazine insert will be published and distributed nationally this week. (Photo: Globe and Mail magazine)

Recognized across Canada and glo​bally as one of the world's leading centres in cardiac and vascular care – the site of many international and Canadian firsts – the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) is the focus of a magazine insert that will be published this week in several thousand copies of the Globe and Mail newspaper, and distributed nationally.

The 60-page insert shines a light on Canada's premier cardiac centre with profiles of patients, staff and donors. It peers into the Programs' six pillars of care, and examines how and why PMCC has become a global leader in its field.

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The magazine also includes a feature interview with the PMCC's namesake, Peter Munk, to find out his vision for the Centre and how it has and continues to impact his own life.

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