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Starting Oct. 16, UHN staff, volunteers and students will be able to receive a flu vaccine at all UHN sites. (Photo: Flickr, NIH)

The Flu Campaign is less than a week away and it's coming back with a twist.

Starting next Monday, Oct. 16, you'll be able to receive the flu vaccine at a flu cart coming your way.

This year, we're bringing our support closer to home by giving to the Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Management Initiative at the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

Supporting our local healthcare community

At the heart of the Flu Campaign is the importance of health promotion, disease prevention and primary healthcare.

Many patients with serious mental illness cannot access primary care settings due to coverage issues, stigma and the difficulties of fitting into the face-paced model of primary care.

That's why this year, we will donate a dollar amount to CMHA Toronto's Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Management Initiative for every shot a staff member receives.

The initiative has various programs in place to promote wellness for people with mental and substance use disorders by motivating individuals, organizations and communities to improve cardiovascular health, decreased early mortality rates and quality of life.

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Did someone say chocolate?

As in past years, each staff member who receives a flu vaccine at a UHN flu cart will also receive a full-sized chocolate bar.

On top of that, staff, physicians, students and volunteers at UHN can enter our #TakeYourBestShot contest for a chance to win one of five $200 Cadillac Fairview gift cards.

To participate:

  1. Roll up your sleeves for the flu shot
  2. Take a photo of your flu shot sticker on your UHN badge
  3. Tweet it @UHN_News with the hashtag #TakeYourBestShot and tell us your best tip to stay healthy this flu season, or
  4. Email us your picture and tip to social@uhn.ca with #TakeYourBestShot in the subject line

The winners of the contest will be contacted at the end of the campaign.

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