Roseli Melo
Roseli Melo is the Client Services Coordinator for the Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and Education (CASE) at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (Photo: UHN)

When Roseli Melo came to Canada in 2008 from Brazil, her goal was to give her then-teenaged daughter an international education. A single mom from the age of 25, Roseli was no stranger to overcoming challenges when it came to providing for her daughter.

"I was proving to myself and to her every single day: we can do it," Roseli says.

Now, Roseli works in the Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and Education (CASE) and The Michener Institute of Education at UHN. She likens her work in CASE to her journey to making Canada home.

"It's a learning experience every single day," she says. "I've been here for almost nine years, but you know, I have so many things to explore and learn, and working with Michener is the same feeling."

: Roseli and her father
Roseli and her father in Brazil before coming to Canada. (Photo: Courtesy Roseli Melo)


Roseli is one of many UHN employees who have come to Canada from around the world. In this country, and at UHN, they have found a new home.

To celebrate Canada 150, we've spent the past nine weeks telling audio stories in a podcast series to celebrate our diverse community at UHN. Every Thursday, we've shared a new story about one of our employees who came to Canada from around the world, or a story about an employee whose family has called Canada home for thousands of years.

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