Mosaic of photo series
Shot before March 11 when the global pandemic was declared, the photo essay features more than 100 images of TeamUHN members on the job. (Photos: UHN)

They are snapshots from our recent past – and we hope, our not-too-distant future.

Members of UHN's Public Affairs & Communications team began late last year to photograph the work being done around the clock by staff in all our hospitals, laboratories and classrooms. Some is on the frontline. Much is not. All is vital to making UHN Canada’s leading academic health sciences centre.

The photography wrapped up in early March, with publication set for the end of that month. However, as with so many other things, the declaration of a global pandemic changed those plans.

But today, nearly six months later than originally planned, we present "UHN 24/7: A Photo Essay"

"Patients are at the core of UHN, they’re why we come to work everyday," says Gillian Howard, Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications at UHN. "We did this project because we know so many people who are behind the scenes and never see patients contribute to their health and well-being."

It's a collection of more than 100 photos. In addition to this UHN News story, there's a 24/7 website where all the photos and captions are presented, including an opportunity for everyone to share their individual photos. The essay is also being promoted through UHN social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Two things will be immediately obvious when looking at the photos. The first is that the masks we have become so accustomed to seeing are absent because the photos were taken before March 11, when the global pandemic was declared. The second is that no patients are seen, a deliberate move to make the work of TeamUHN the focus – across all hospitals, laboratories and classrooms.

photo project logo

"UHN is the size of a small town,"" Gillian says. "And everyone plays a role in the great things we do."

PAC members on project
Members of the Public Affairs & Communications team who participated in the UHN 24/7 project include (L to R) Alexa Giorgi, Roger Boyle, Twayne Pereira, Dan Girard, Emma King, Suzanne Wice and Jordana Goldman. Jasmine Sikand and Jessie Park also contributed before leaving UHN. (Photo: UHN)

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