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Registered dietitians at UHN recommend talking to a specialist if you are looking for guidance to meet your individual health goals. (Photo: Flickr)

What is the best approach to healthy eating, and who should one seek out for nutrition advice with the overload of information and advice found on the web?

According to Karla Dawdy, Nephrology Dietitian at Toronto General Hospital, a healthy diet may require something different based on your unique requirements.

"If you are looking for guidance to meet your individual health goals, then you should talk to a specialist," she recommends.

A Registered Dietitian is your best bet for current, relevant and trusted nutrition information, according to Karla. Dietitians have years of specialized training in food and nutrition as well as chemistry, biology and physiology, which provide the necessary and unique skills to deliver expert nutrition advice.

This Nutrition Month your UHN Dietitians and Clinical Diet Technicians have some exciting prizes and activities planned.


How to get in touch with a dietitian

There are many ways to receive advice from a Registered Dietitian. Most of these services are also free of charge.

  • Dietitians of Canada provides details on how to access a dietitian, and have nutrition resources available on their website
  • Ask your family doctor if there's a Dietitian affiliated with the practice who you may access
  • Family Health Teams in Ontario often have a dietitian in their program and can make referrals
  • Some hospitals have outpatient Dietitians available that for doctor referrals
  • Some work health benefit plans include coverage for private dietitian services. Private practice Dietitians can be located using the "Find a Dietitian" page on the Dietitians of Canada website.

Click here for more information about UHN's nutrition services [Editor's Note: Link is no longer available].

UHN teams up with U of T this Nutrition Month

Clinical Nutrition at UHN is currently partnering with the Masters of Public Health Nutrition and Dietetics Program at the University of Toronto and Carrot Rewards to provide some of the daily tips and nutrition information on the app.

March is Nutrition Month and it's the perfect time to get on track with healthy eating. Please contact a Dietitian for help and watch out for tips on Carrot Rewards.

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