Inspire is the title of UHN's new Nursing Strategy, a five-year plan setting a path for the future of the profession within the organization. Its release coincides with National Nursing Week, May 8 to 14. (Photo: UHN)

UHN relies on the specialized skills and dedication of nurses now more than ever.

UHN's new Nursing Strategy, entitled Inspire and released Monday, May 8 to coincide with the start of National Nursing Week, aims to empower nurses to thrive and grow in their work today and into the future.

Developed in collaboration with a diverse group of nurses from across UHN, the Nursing Strategy recognizes that nurses' innovation, leadership and professional expertise in many diverse roles and teams is critical to the future of health care.

"I am delighted that so many nurses from across all programs, sites and areas of UHN collaborated in the document planning process," says Pam Hubley, UHN's VP of Health Disciplines & Chief Nursing Executive.

"This strategy is a result of many nursing voices coming forward to generate dynamic ideas that will take us forward, together."

UHN nurses – and the health care system in general – continue to experience complex challenges, including high provider burnout and turnover. As the largest academic health sciences centre in Canada, UHN is well-positioned to address these challenges to co-create the future nurses want see and want to be part of.

"It is truly inspiring to feel such energy and passion come from nurses at all levels for the purpose of elevating the art of nursing practice," says Sheryl Alexandre, Clinical Director, UHN's Peter Munk Cardiac Centre & Critical Care. "This shows what's possible for the future of nursing and all it stands for.

"It's the coming together of our patients and families, our nurses, and the future of health care for the promise of a healthier tomorrow."

UHN strives to enable nurses to be champions of change, flourish in their work, be exceptional nursing leaders who develop the next generation of health care providers, and thrive in healthy, dynamic and diverse teams.

"The Nursing Strategy is a philosophical and practical foundation on which to build an exciting future for nursing at UHN," says Tara Bolden, Nurse Practitioner Lead at UHN. "The hope is that all nurses feel represented, and that it ignites energy and passion to create and reimagine our roles and the profession.

"It will be exciting to see the how the Nursing Strategy changes and evolves nursing at UHN."

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