Dr. Karen Davis
Dr. Karen Davis, a Senior Scientist and Division Head of Brain, Imaging and Behaviour-systems, Neuroscience at the Krembil Research Institute, focuses her research on the central mechanisms underlying pain and temperature perception, and how the brain responds to certain treatment. (Photo: UHN)

In this episode of UHN's "Behind the Breakthrough" podcast, neuroscientist Dr. Karen Davis talks about pain. 

What is it? Can we predict it? What does personality-type have to do with it?  

While the complexity of pain is still not well understood, the uncertainty doesn’t stop Dr. Davis and her team.  

“We all have doubts,” she says. “But what drives most of us is a very fundamental curiosity…and the more we interact with patients the more it motivates us to think outside the box.” 

Dr. Davis also touches on her advancements in pain research, and why her and her team are really scientific baseball players. Play ball! 

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