Dr. Camilla Zimmermann
Dr. Camilla Zimmermann, Head of the Division of Palliative Care at UHN, is internationally known for her research on palliative and supportive cancer care, particularly in the area of early palliative care. (Photo: UHN)

In this episode of UHN's "Behind the Breakthrough" podcast, Dr. Camilla Zimmermann talks about how her research has helped change the practice of palliative care from end-of-life care to a more holistic approach that answers the question, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”  

Dr. Zimmermann refers to herself and her team as “an extra layer of support” to those living with a terminal illness. We hear about how the practice has evolved and the vast potential of a research field that’s still largely in its infancy.  

Dr. Zimmermann also reveals how the death of her parents when she was a teenager shaped her career, her initial reluctance to admit to colleagues her desire to be a palliative care specialist, and how stigma still hangs on the concept of what is palliative care. 

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