Collage photo of all the Administrators on Site
Some UHN Administrators on Site (AOS) from Toronto Western Hospital (TW), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM) and Toronto General Hospital (TG). (L to R), top row: Patricia Rochester, TW, Johanna Amar (casual), TW, Beverly Banton, TW, and Alicia Moonesar, TW; middle row: Max Prytyka, PM, Barbara Dingwall, PM, Rose Almayda, PM, Barbara Wilson (recently retired), PM, Janet Phillips, PM, Mary Raymond, PM; bottom row: Tracey Moffat, PM, Hope Mangus, TG, Diana Heng, TG, and Mary McCaig, TG. (Photos: UHN)

Working at a hospital is as exciting as it is challenging – you never know what a workday will bring.

But no matter what comes their way, even during non-business hours, weekends and holidays, UHN clinical staff are never alone. That's thanks to the Administrator on Site (AOS).

"Be it supervisors, clinical managers or clinical directors, our daytime and weekday clinical care staff have a team of supports to help them through their daily challenges," says Brenda Perkins-Meingast, Director, Practice Based Education, Collaborative Academic Practice (CAP).

"But as we know, UHN is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation, so our evening, overnight and weekend staff are critical to our success as an institution of care."

Previously known as Nursing Administration Coordinators, or "NACs," the group recently had their titles updated to Administrator on Site and their job description revised.

While they have always been the main point of contact for after-hour escalations at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Toronto General and Toronto Western sites, the new title and description more accurately reflects the group's existing work, responsibilities and site-wide accountability.

"The Administrator on Site team is the embodiment of leadership presence and all clinical decision-making at our acute hospitals during non-business hours, weekends and statutory holidays," says Joy Richards, Vice President of Patient Experience and Chief Health Professions.

"They have a unique and complex role with accountability to address and trouble-shoot issues as they arise – from clinical, flow and environmental to emergency preparedness. They are core to our operations."

UHN's Role Clarity Working Group is completing a standardized review of all clinical leadership roles and job descriptions. The purpose of this review is to update clinical leader job descriptions and standardize role expectations across UHN.

After reviewing the NAC role, the working group agreed the job descriptions and title did not appropriately capture the group's organizational responsibilities.

"It gives me great pride to see our Administrator on Site colleagues recognized for their important role ensuring smooth hospital operations, in the evening and overnight hours and on weekends," says Joy. "With them, we know our patients and staff are in safe hands." ​

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