Dr. Nigil Haroon
Dr. Nigil Haroon is clinician-scientist with the University Health Network, and a scientist for the Krembil Research Institute. (Photo: UHN)

It was a shared love for the 70s rock band, Dire Straits, that first formed a friendship between Dr. Nigil Haroon and UHN's Dr. Robert Inman.

At the time, Dr. Haroon was finishing his rheumatology training in Lucknow, India. Dr. Inman was visiting the country for a rheumatology conference and when Dr. Haroon told him he had no strong plans for his next move, Dr. Inman asked him to consider coming to Canada.

"Now, our labs are together," says Dr. Haroon, who is currently a scientist at the Krembil Research Institute.

"Most of our projects are interlinked, and our lab meetings we do together, so we bounce ideas off each other. It's a great environment to be working with the Spondylitis team and Professor Rob Inman."

Photo from Kerala
Dr. Haroon is originally from Kerala, a province in India. Some call it ‘God’s Own Country’ because its tropical forests and greenery make it so beautiful. (Photo: Nigil Haroon)

Dr. Haroon is one of many UHN employees who have come to Canada from around the world. In this country, and at UHN, they have found a new home.

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