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This past holiday season, UHN celebrated the courage of patients, their families and staff by launching the 12 Days of Courage.

Each day from Dec. 14 until Dec. 31, the series highlighted stories of courage submitted by UHN employees. A new story each day was revealed on UHN.ca and our corporate intranet site.

From 99-year-old Kitty Cohen who raises money to end women's cancers, to a doctor who dove into a lake to save a stranger's life, to a patient who gave her last days to help others – these are some of the incredible examples that show courage lives at UHN.

Top submissions
Below are the courage story submissions that received the most number of votes from our UHN staff.

Written entries:

Top-voted: Lori Newton – Breast cancer gives nurse perspective
Story appeared on "Day 12" – Dec.31, 2012

Runner-up: Leah Smeaton – My mom, my hero
Story appeared on "Day 10" – Dec. 27, 2012

Video entries:

Top-voted: Aideen Carroll – Making dreams come true
Story appeared on "Day 11" – Dec. 28, 2012


Runner-up: Humberto Laranjo - Hockey helps heal

(Story appeared on "Day 9", Dec. 26, 2012)

Stay tuned
Stay tuned for more on our top four courage story entrants. We'll bring you pictures of Lori Newton, Leah Smeaton, Aideen Carroll and Humberto Laranjo and their prizes next week.

Share your stories
Importantly, we know there are more stories of courage at UHN — and we need you to share them! To tell us your courageous story, or that of someone you know at UHN, click on the link below. We want to hear from you!
Share a story of courage at UHN: http://courageliveshere.ca/share/

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