With Outlook and the Office 365 Dashboard, you get a powerful calendar to help manage your day.

Your calendar fully integrates with email and contacts. Shared calendars and the Scheduling Assistant will keep you in sync with your team and help you find meeting times that work for everyone.​

Refer to the image to access your calendar. From your Office 365 Dashboard, select:

Step 1 Your App Launcher

Step 2 Your Calendar

Calendar view 

You will see your calendar in week view when you first access your calendar through the Office 365 Dashboard. You can change the default to Day, Work week, or Month by using the options in the upper-right corner.

Please follow the below image for an overview of the Calendar. Click on the numbers for instructions.

A meeting is a calendar event that you send to other people. Please follow the image to learn how to schedule a meeting through your Calendar.

Step 1 Click New to open a new event window and add your attendees.

Step 2 To ensure the attendees and meeting rooms are available at the time you choose, you can use the Scheduling Assistant.

Step 3 As you add attendees to your meeting, their free/busy schedules will appear in the Scheduling Assistant. 

On Office 365, you can now view free/busy information for anyone across UHN! 

Step 4 You can also add meeting rooms from this window. Type in the name of your meeting room (ex. Conf TGH RFE), select the name and add it to your invite.   

Step 5 Add a message to the meeting and choose Send.

Scheduling Assistant
Scheduling Assistant


Step 1 Under the navigation pane, select Share > Calendar. 

Step 2 In the new window, enter the email address of the person you want to share your calendar with.

Step 3 A drop down menu will appear. In this menu, you can control the level of detail a recipient can see in this shared calendar.

For example, you can select can view when I'm busy so the recipient will only be able to view your free/busy availability, and not any meeting details.

Step 4 Click Share.

Share Calendar 

You can now view the weather forecast in your O365 Calendar! Follow the below instructions to learn how you can adjust your temperature settings or change your location.

Step 1 Open Outlook and go to your calendar.

Step 2 From your menu bar, select the Help icon, indicated by the question mark.

Step 3 You will see a search bar, which reads 'Tell me what you want to do'. In this search bar, type 'weather'.

Step 4 Automatically, an option for 'Weather' will appear, which you can select to be redirected to a new window for Weather settings.

Step 4 In the Weather Settings window, select your preferences. You can also choose a specific location (ie. Toronto, ON).

O365 Weather
O365 Weather



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