At UHN, virtual visits are not new — for years, our healthcare teams have leveraged new technologies to extend their reach beyond hospital walls. Yet the events of the COVID-19 pandemic thrust what was once an exciting option into the realm of necessity, and highlighted its remarkable power to elevate and advance UHN’s ongoing commitment to exemplary health care.

The objective of Virtual Care at UHN is to harness this power and to carve out a methodical, seamless and sustainable process by which our healthcare providers may execute efficient and advanced care in these new realities.

Virtual Care at UHN has now been set in motion, and will ultimately:

  • Empower our patients to feel a greater connection to UHN by way of seamless and dynamic virtual processes designed to accelerate and enhance their experience of end-to-end care.
  • Ease the workflow for UHN’s care teams by way of efficient virtual processes, allowing for immersive and interdisciplinary collaborations of care across our organization.

In our unwavering commitment to the needs of our patients, and in upholding UHN’s legacy of trailblazing leadership in the provision-of-care space, we consider Virtual Care at UHN a tremendous step forward in our continuing journey towards a Healthier World.

We’re excited to get started.

Catherine Wang, Dr. Peter Rossos, and Dr. Sarah Muttitt
Executive Project Sponsors — Virtual Care at UHN

What is the team working on now?

Having completed the initial Current State Assessment Phase of Virtual Care at UHN, our team has identified the following needs as essential to supporting seamless virtual care processes. Effective immediately, the Virtual Care team, in partnership with our Virtual Care Ecosystem, are working to research, refine and implement the delivery of each:

  • Clinical Guiding Principles
    Identify the circumstances whereby a Virtual Care Appointment would be the most appropriate choice for a patient and develop a set of Guiding Principles based on these discoveries. Monitor the applicability of these principles in clinical settings and update them on an ongoing basis.
  • Foundational Needs
    Identify organizational gaps such as those related to hardware, space and patient/staff support structure. Design and implement solutions for these challenges and support actions ongoing.
  • Technology
    Understand and integrate digital resources required to support seamless, end-to-end virtual care across UHN and update continuously.
  • Virtual Care Ecosystem
    Identify and forge valuable partnerships with pre-existing UHN programs and platforms that support the advancement of virtual care.
  • Virtual Care Dashboard
    Continuously monitor, evaluate and develop quality metrics for Virtual Care initiatives by way of comprehensive data collection and evolve program accordingly.

Are you interested in supporting UHN's ongoing efforts to build A Healthier World through virtual care? Please email us for more information.
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