Last week I told my story about a medical error that happened to one of my patients and I would like to thank the people who took the time to tell me that it was encouraging for them to know that the leaders in this organization are prepared to talk about their own experiences. The story was a "lead-in" to the importance of participating in the Speak Up for Safety survey that is ongoing at UHN.  We need to hear from everyone at UHN and you can participate by clicking here to complete the survey. The survey results will help us understand the culture of safety at UHN by unit and area, so please don't miss this opportunity to let us know about safety, attitudes to safety and how we can make this a safe place for all of our patients and all of the people who work here.

I also want to recognize all of our researchers at UHN who, once again, have made UHN the most research-intensive academic hospital in the country. It is their work which attracts grant money and philanthropic support to UHN which allows us to lead in this area. You can read the release and see the ranking of research hospitals here. I would like to thank Chris Paige, our Executive Vice President of Science and Research for all of his work over the years and the Directors of our research institutes – Geoff Fernie – Director, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Mansoor Husain – Director, Toronto General Research Institute, David Jaffray – Director, Techna Institute, Don Weaver – Director, Toronto Western Research Institute and  Brad Wouters – Director (Interim), Ontario Cancer Institute.

Finally, I was struck by the first sentences of Anne Slater's message to all of UHN last week – "At UHN, teaching and learning is central to our work every day. "We are all teaching. We are all learning" and we are also, "all learning to teach" This third concept – learning to teach – is an important one and I encourage you to check out Educational Development's UHN Competencies for Teaching, which is a new framework to help build and enhance teaching capacity. Teaching plays a critical role in supporting learning about, from, and with each other at UHN. You will find the Educational Development website where you can learn more about teaching competencies, the framework and the role of Educational Development at UHN.


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