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Key reminders and updates

  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude to each member of TeamUHN who worked in service of patients and their colleagues over the long weekend. Thank you for stepping up to ensure that UHN delivers the best possible care for the people we are so privileged to serve.
  • A reminder to continue practicing all safety measures – hand washing, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and physical distancing. I know many of us feel the pandemic has gone on long enough and that we are tired of hearing these same reminders over and over again. However, given the current number of COVID-19 cases in both the community and amongst TeamUHN, these practices are our best defence to mitigate transmission amongst colleagues and keep patients safe. Please continue to follow all PPE requirements for patient interactions, and to practice frequent hand washing and physical distancing – particularly when eating and drinking in break rooms. Given UHN is now in Phase Red for non-educational on-site activity, please consult the framework to see what other measures can be implemented in your area to enhance safety. My thanks to everyone for their due diligence.
  • We know that vaccinations are key to reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and protecting the most vulnerable in this pandemic. A reminder that it is strongly recommended that all members of TeamUHN receive third shots, which are widely available at community clinics, and that people 60 and over receive their fourth shot. Book your appointment on the Ontario provincial online portal
  • Last week, the Government of Ontario expanded access to COVID-19 antivirals, such as Paxlovid, and PCR testing to more high-risk people, including people over the age of 18 who are immunocompromised and individuals 70 and over. For more on this development, read the Government of Ontario's release
  • Patient Flow Days, a milestone event in the Synapse project, takes place this week (April 20-22). Over three days, the Synapse Patient Access Working Group will host 11 sessions where common integrated workflows will be demonstrated in Epic, and subject matter experts will answer questions. This is a valuable opportunity to see examples of how the role-based workflows that end users learn in Epic training fit together. For example, during the kickoff session on Wednesday, April 20, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., the demo will cover the workflows used when a patient arrives at the Emergency Department and is subsequently admitted as an inpatient. Having an understanding of how workflows impact each other helps all end users have greater comfort and confidence using Epic when the system goes live on June 4. Managers are encouraged to make it possible for team members, especially Super Users, to attend. The sessions will be recorded. The schedule and more information about patient flows in Epic are here. Attending or viewing Patient Flow Days demos earns teams a badge on their Readiness Game Board

What happened at the Executive Leadership Forum meeting

UHN's Executive Leadership Forum (ELF) represents a broad range of voices and skill sets from across the organization and provides direction and oversight in service of patients, TeamUHN and our vision of A Healthier World. See the full membership on The last ELF meeting was held on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

UHN's Integrated Care Update

  • Background and why this was brought to ELF: UHN's Integrated Care initiative has, since 2019, addressed patients' top concerns by delivering a seamless care experience and helping patients transition to their homes and communities sooner. This work has improved patient satisfaction and self management, and decreased readmissions to the hospital or emergency department (ED). This work aligns with the core strategic priority to "inspire, invent, and deliver tomorrow's care," with 2,600 patients benefiting from it annually. Project leaders updated ELF about next steps for the program, and sought support to ultimately expand Integrated Care across all clinical programs.
  • Who Presented? Shiran Isaacksz (Vice President, Connected Care), Carolyn Gosse (Vice President, Home Care and Seniors Care), Chris Chan (Medical Lead, Connected Care), Melissa Chang (Sr. Program Director, Integrated Care) and Jake Tran (President and CEO, Toronto Grace Health Centre)
  • What do I need to know: The Integrated Care team aims to support more than 10,000 patients annually, with a focus on Medicine and the ED, as well as areas of Surgery with the highest backlog, particularly orthopaedics. Ajmera Transplant Centre and seniors pathways will also launch in the coming year. The team also seeks to establish UHN@Home by fostering strategic partnerships with more home care providers, embedding health care providers with clinical teams, and increasing capacity by working with the Michener Institute of Education to help with microcredentialing and training. Another key priority will be to expand the Connected Care clinical hub to enable integration with a variety of services across the UHN community. All while focusing on the core principles of patient and caregiver needs.

Closing Notes

Michener's virtual Student Awards Ceremony will take place online at 7:00p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 20th. This ceremony is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Michener students' incredible achievements in their programs and their dedication to healthcare. The event link will be posted here on the website. There is always an opportunity to donate to Michener's student bursaries. Just visit this page to donate.

A unique, new neurology clinic opened at Toronto Western, part of UHN's Krembil Brain Institute, for patients who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+ and live with neurological conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. As Krembil neurologist Koorosh Shirkool told UHN News, many people who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+ "tend to have more negative experiences with the healthcare system than the general population," and this new service will provide inclusive and comprehensive assessment and care to members of that community. At UHN, we know that ensuring a safe and respectful space for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community is essential for A Healthier World. Read more about this initiative at UHN News.


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