​​​​​With Valentine's Day tomorrow, gratitude seems to be on everyone's mind this week. I know there is a lot happening in the organization right now and I want to express my gratitude for all you have done thus far on our journey of renewal. We are making incredible progress towards our goals and that's because of you. As I look ahead to Spring (which will be here before we know it), there will be some exciting opportunities for us to continue making UHN stronger, as we fulfill our commitment to transforming lives and communities through excellence in care, discovery and learning.

Increasing access to stem cell transplants

Last week I attended an event where the Premier and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced that a second centre for stem cell transplantation in the Greater Toronto Area will be built at Sunnybrook. This is extremely good news for Ontario's citizens as the system has been struggling for several years to provide those needing a stem cell transplant with timely care. The team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is working with Cancer Care Ontario and Sunnybrook to help them as they develop their program. In the past year, over 15 Ontarians went out of country to receive their stem cell transplant in a timely manner and the investments in Sunnybrook and Princess Margaret are necessary to ensure that this therapy is expedient for patients with leukemia and other diseases of the blood system.


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