​​​​​Employee Engagement Pulse Survey

Today we launched the Employee Engagement Pulse Survey, which you can fill out here. The feedback we receive will help us take the 'pulse' of the organization, so we can continue creating a high quality work environment for our staff. The survey will run until October 21st, responses are confidential, and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Last time almost 60% of UHN participated in the pulse survey. Looking ahead and considering the great response we had in defining our Purpose, Values, and Principles, and around Caring Safely, we are targeting an 80% response rate. If 80%, or more, of us take this short survey, we will have very valuable insights into what we can do to make UHN an even better place for every employee to develop professionally and feel a strong sense of connection to our Purpose. So have your say by letting us know how we are progressing in our action plans and help us continue to build an engaging and responsive UHN.

Caring Safely Month – Facebook Live next week

As you know, it's Caring Safely month at UHN. Throughout the month we will be spotlighting staff and initiatives that are helping to make UHN a safer place for our patients, employees, and volunteers. Next Wednesday, October 19th at 12:30PM I will be participating in a Facebook Live conversation on UHN's Facebook page, where I'll be talking about my own experience with medical errors, how we are creating a culture of safety at UHN, and why this is so important. If you can't log in during the event but you have a question you would like asked, you can e-mail it to social@uhn.ca. If you're unable to join the live event, the video will remain on UHN's Facebook page so you can watch it at a later time. I look forward to chatting with all of you next week!

Health Literacy Month

October is also Health Literacy month. This is an international campaign to raise awareness about the importance of health information that is easy to understand and use. Health literacy is the degree to which a person can obtain, process, and understand basic health information and the services they need to make health decisions. As more and more Canadians are living with, or caring for someone with chronic health conditions, ensuring high health literacy means they are better able to manage and move through the health care system. Unfortunately, a large number of Canadians struggle with low health literacy skills.

At UHN we can be a health literate organization by providing usable health information and helping patients improve their health literacy. As providers, we can put patients first by learning about health literacy and ensuring our patients are on a health care journey they understand. This will help them better manage their health outcomes. Over the course of October, Patient and Family Education will be putting a spotlight on health literacy, sharing stories about why knowledge is power when it comes to health care. This month, let's work together to help our patients find the right words for better health.


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