​I am impressed with the influence that UHN continues on prevention and population health. By clicking here you can watch a CTV National clip on Toronto Rehab's research and influence on the building code of Canada. Our research proved that a sufficiently wide stair step can greatly reduce a person's chance of falling. With this research in hand, the Toronto Rehab team was able to work to influence the change of Canada's building code to require wider steps – something that will reduce falls and injuries. Small changes can make enormous differences and, in this case, save lives and severe injury to many people.

Last week, Lydia Lee and Charlie Chan – Co-Chairs of the IM/IT Transformation Executive Committee had encouraging news about the October upgrade to the Electronic Patient Record. Medication Order Entry / Medication Administration Record (MOE/MAR) is moving ahead in the Princess Margaret inpatient areas. There have also been a number of meetings with people from across UHN on the interface improvements between the EPR and the Pharmacy system. These changes will enable much safer ordering and administration of medications and thereby help us to begin to close one of our biggest safety gaps – medication administration.We will continue to keep you informed on the additional upgrades to the EPR that are scheduled for spring 2016.

This week has been a hopeful one for the recent arrivals of the privately sponsored refugees from Syria, welcomed to Canada by our Prime Minister, our Premier and the many Canadians who have stepped forward to give these new Canadians a start on their lives in this country. My understanding is that, upon arrival, every refugee received their SIN card and their health card, essential to their ability to work and access healthcare in their new home. This demonstration of support has received attention on the international stage and is what distinguishes all of us as Canadians.

And finally, I am sad to say that Ruth Gopaul, after 46 years with UHN, has let me know that she will be retiring this spring. Ruth has been the constant in the Office of the President & CEO since the mid-nineties when she began working with Alan Hudson. When Alan left, she ran Tom Closson's office for five years, then Bob Bell's for nine years and mine for this past year. She is thoroughly professional, very kind and always cheerful. I know that she has a multitude of friends within the hospital and will be missed by all. As some of you know, she began her career at UHN on Sherbourne Street working at the original Princess Margaret Hospital and saw that hospital change, grow, move to University Avenue and become part of UHN. We will certainly be planning a celebration before she leaves, although knowing Ruth, she'll think it is too much fuss but I also know that such a stellar career and substantial contribution needs a bit of celebration.​


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