Kicking off 2017/18: Q1 results now available

Q1 has kicked off an exciting year at UHN and results are now available on A quick reminder that we have reduced and refined our Areas of Focus for this year, which include: Caring Safely, People and Culture (formerly Team Engagement), IT Transformation, Operational Excellence (formerly Clinical Optimization) and Patient Experience, as well as Strategic Planning.

This quarter the Areas of Focus have achieved significant milestones and moreover, we are moving forward on our journey of renewal:

  • Caring Safely – in Q1, teams drafted implementation plans for Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) at each site;
  • Patient Experience – engaged Patient Partners in 29 different engagement activities across UHN;
  • IT Transformation – established the Digital Demand Management meeting and Digital Operations Committee to support the new governance operating model;
  • Strategic Planning – draft goals, milestones and deliverables were formulated for UHN's new Strategic Plan;
  • Operational Excellence – focused on building the team that will drive the Office of Stewardship and Sustainability (OSS) initiatives forward; and
  • People and Culture – launched a PVP video at UHN's Annual General Meeting, which you can watch here.

You can find the reports under each Area of Focus by clicking the "Quarterly Progress" tab, or by clicking the "What's New" button at the top of each page.

Creating new opportunities for stem cell transplants

Last week the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Hon. Eric Hoskins, was at UHN for an exciting and critical announcement. Princess Margaret will receive new state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient units to increase access to life-saving stem cell transplants for patients with complex blood cancers. In total there will be 15 new inpatient beds along with an outpatient clinic, supporting up to eight new stem cell therapy physicians. This is welcome news for UHN and our patients, and continues the government's efforts to reduce wait times and increase access to stem cell transplants. Our team at Princess Margaret, led by Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Dr. Amit Oza, and Marnie Escaf, as well as Dr. Hans Messner who was part of the Minister's working group, has done great work to get us to the point we are at today. I would also like to thank the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for their continued efforts on this – this kind of partnership between UHN and our foundations allows us to enhance all components of our mission. These units will allow us here at UHN to put the needs of our patients first by providing timely access to life-saving care.

Altum Health launches search for first CEO

As many of you know, Altum Health plays an important role in the ecosystem of UHN, providing support for injured workers and clients. Under the leadership of Dr. Nizar Mahomed, Altum has seen incredible success and impressive growth over the years. Nizar will be stepping away from his role as Managing Director to focus on his other leadership roles within UHN. I would like to thank Nizar for his leadership over the years. I am excited to announce that Altum is launching a search for its first CEO, to continue its trajectory. This is a natural next step and is a vote of confidence in Altum's future as a leader in health care services and as a contributor to UHN's financial health, which has been significant over the years.


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