​I want to congratulate UHN's Inpatient Documentation Project Team on their world-wide recognition at the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress in October. They will be receiving the 2015 Project Management Institute’s North American award for Project Excellence. UHN’s project team is joined by the winners from Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. The team leveraged the existing EPR system to enable standardized initial and ongoing inpatient clinical assessments and documentation for skin and wound care, oral care and falls, among others. This initiative provides UHN clinicians with immediate access to patient information and decision support tools to further improve patient safety and contribute to positive clinical outcomes. Sponsors of the work were Joy Richards, Marnie Escaf, Scott McIntaggart, Paula Cripps-McMartin and Mary Jane McNally. Project Managers were Candice Newell, Andre D’Penha and Joanne Hohenadel and the Technical Lead was Rema Scarlett. The team will be integral to our success in the future as we work together to improve patient, employee, and workplace safety.

Having recently completed the move of a household to Toronto, I am now intimately acquainted with the process of tidying, tossing and evaluating what needs to be kept. So, when I saw the e-mail for See It Shine, I thought I’d add the link to the contest in this Looking Ahead. Click here to access the page which outlines the intent behind the contest. A clean, organized and clutter-free work environment contributes in so many ways to the wellbeing of staff and patients, which makes the time spent well worth the effort.

Last week I attended the first of a series of announcements at MaRS which included the fact that UHN is taking two floors in the new tower to house the Transplant Innovation Centre. This UHN Centre will develop and commercialize novel methods that enhance the usable pool of donor organs that can be safely transplanted. We will also expand our molecular diagnostics hub at MaRS, working closely with private sector partners to develop digital platforms for precision medicine. As many of you know, UHN was very much a part of the creation of MaRS, having sold the property for the purpose of creating a research hub in the centre of Toronto.  With last week’s announcement, we know that 70% of the tower will now be occupied by research-related activity and biotechnology companies, with the expectation that the tower will be 90% leased in the coming months, fulfilling the original vision for the MaRS concept.


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