Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome this week. I've checked off a number of firsts, including my first ride on the UHN shuttle bus. Happy to report it was a safe and comfortable journey.

I took the shuttle to attend the Krembil Nursing Awards at Toronto Western. It was a privilege to be part of the celebration and meet so many talented nursing professionals. I appreciate the number of people who came up to introduce themselves and hope many more of you will do the same over the coming weeks. While I'm not shy and will do my best to introduce myself as I make my way across UHN, I also really appreciate it when colleagues introduce themselves - so if you have time to pause and say hello I hope you will.

Another first: Attending one of UHN's Long Service Awards, where we recognize staff who've been with us for five years or more. This Spring, UHN celebrated more than 1,000 long-serving staff across various sites (Toronto Rehab will hold their awards this fall). I was moved by the energy and enthusiasm in the room.

Congratulations to everyone who received gold pins – but please allow me to give special acknowledgement to the following people for reaching their 40-year milestones:

Toronto General Toronto Western Princess Margaret
  • Evelyn Greenidge, 10ES Thoracic
  • Susan Mary Cleverley, Angiography/Interventional
  • Licia D'Amario, Clinical Hematology
  • Kathryn Anne Diamond, General Medicine 14ES
  • Maureen Wood, OR NUW
  • Marian Milanovic, Preadmission
  • Joanne Bos, Research
  • W. Kirk Lyon, Family & Community Medicine
  • Mary J Shrubsole, Medical Ambulatory Clinics
  • Susan Tarlo, Medicine – Respirology
  • Natalie Aldeia, Housekeeping
  • Gary Rodin, Psychiatry
  • Mary Gospodarowicz, Radiation Oncology
  • Gregory Thompson, Radiation Oncology

And to the following staff for serving more than 45 years. Truly extraordinary.

Toronto General Toronto Western Princess Margaret
  • Rhonda E Litner, Angiography/Interventional (45 years)
  • Michael Baker, Medicine - Hematology/Oncology (45 years)
  • Daniel Cattran, Medicine - Nephrology (45 years)
  • Devorah P Olshansky, Research (45 years)
  • Syrilin Thompson, Medical Imaging (50 years)
  • Marlene Shafir, Family & Community Medicine (50 years)
  • Lois Alli, Housekeeping (50 years)

Now, let me tell you something I wasn't expecting during Week 1: I was given my first safety lesson from members of my own team. Since starting, I admit I've been tempted to jaywalk and dash across University Ave. But as I contemplated doing this, I was reminded on two occasions about safety and encouraged to cross at the light. I've been told that four people were hit in the past (two this past April), so I encourage you all to take the extra minutes and use the crosswalk. Most importantly, I encourage you all to continue speaking up for safety—even if it means speaking up to me.

During Week 1, I also attended the annual Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) celebration lunch. Our RMP staff delivered more than 10,000 courses of radiation treatment for FY 2017/18, the highest number ever. Thank you for delivering safe, quality care to more than 8,000 patients with cancer every year.

Finally, as part of my personal foray into the digital world, I've launched my own Twitter account: @KevinSmithUHN. Follow me there to see where I've been, what I'm seeing and who I'm meeting at UHN.

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