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Key reminders and updates

  • Let's celebrate the launch of the UHNITED campaign, which goes live today across our hospital sites and in advertising around the city and online. A special thank you to UHN Foundation for all of their work to bring this campaign, which puts TeamUHN at the centre of our story, to life. I hope you will take a moment to grab your UHNITED goodies from one of UHN Foundation's booths (details here) today through Wednesday, and wear them with pride. I also encourage you to enter the UHNITED staff giveaway for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes, including Raptors and Leafs tickets, courtesy of the UHN Foundation Board! Visit:
  • Last Monday, a Code Silver (active shooter) was called at Toronto Rehab, University Centre, a first for UHN. Activated out of an abundance of caution when Toronto Police Services were pursuing suspects who ran into the hospital from University Avenue, the incident ended in about 10 minutes with the apprehension of suspects and police confirmation there was no ongoing concern or danger. The police ultimately determined the suspects were unarmed. No one was injured and patient services were not impacted. An initial debrief conducted by UHN Emergency Preparedness has confirmed proper procedures were followed. Further review of the Code Silver policy is being conducted, with an eye to a possible education refresh. In the meantime, some staff were understandably shaken and have received supports. My deepest thanks to the team at UC who stayed calm and followed protocol.
  • Last week, UHN Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Darlene Dasent and I met with many programs experiencing financial pressures related to volumes, inflation, overtime, and/or agency costs to problem-solve how best to use the resources available. Many colleagues are working on these issues and ensuring we are efficiently using resources, offering high-quality care, and working to realize a high quality of work life for TeamUHN. We also continue to work closely with Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health as we finalize our plans for April 1st.
  • I'm also very fortunate to be part of a group who met last week to better understand the housing challenges in the Greater Toronto Area. From issues of homelessness and how it affects our patients to the challenges of home ownership for many working at places like UHN, to the issues of transportation gridlock, just to name a few, we explored how anchor organizations across civil society could tackle this growing and vexing problem.
  • UHN's KITE Research continues to stay steps ahead of slips and falls with a new simulation laboratory called RampLab. Located in KITE's Challenging Environments Assessment Laboratory (CEAL), this facility will enhance research into fall prevention and safer footwear. RampLab includes a four-metre-long adjustable ramp that inclines from 0 to 30 degrees and replicates slippery situations, such as the slick deck of a boat. The RampLab walkway also supports interchangeable floor surfaces, from artificial grass to vinyl, to give the team a wide-ranging testing environment to compare the slip resistance of different types of flooring. The team will share results on, launched to scientifically evaluate the slip resistance of winter footwear sold in Canada. "Through the creation of RampLab, we have the opportunity to take our proven methods of researching falls and apply them to a broader range of situations," Dr. Jennifer Campos, CEAL's Chief Scientist, told UHN News. Accidental falls are a major source of Emergency Department visits and hospitalization in Canada. KITE's creativity and research-backed insights can help Canadians make better decisions and hopefully avoid injury in the first place. Learn more.
  • Researchers from UHN's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have made great strides in the early detection and prediction of cervical cancer relapse. The team, led by clinician scientist Dr. Kathy Han, found that researchers can assess the disease's progression and identify patients at high risk of relapse by examining the genetic material associated with human papillomavirus (HPV), which is known to cause cervical cancer. “These results have major implications for patients," Dr. Han told UHN News. “The ability to identify those at high risk of relapse at such early stages opens the door for more personalized treatment plans with more aggressive interventions when necessary." Learn more on UHN News. Read the full study online.
  • For awareness: on Tuesday, January 23, UHN will be hosting Ornge (air ambulance and medical transport service) for an exercise to practice using special equipment to transport patients with actual or potential viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) or other special pathogens. The exercise will take place at the TG Rapid Assessment Centre in the morning and the TW ICU pod 107 in the afternoon. Participants will be in special PPE and wear vests identifying them as exercise participants. Practicing scenarios such as this is an essential part of UHN's emergency preparedness. More will be shared about the Special Pathogens program at UHN and the team trained to respond to and treat special pathogen cases in the near future.

Closing Notes

Do you know a middle school, high school or undergraduate student interested in a career in science or medicine? UHN's Krembil Research Institute is hosting a free virtual event for students on February 9th from 10-11 a.m. ET in support and recognition of International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Drs. Tina Felfeli (Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute), Nikita Looby (Schroeder Arthritis Institute), and Nardin Samuel (Krembil Brain Institute) will each give engaging, student-friendly presentations on their current research and what inspired them to enter the fields of vision, arthritis and brain research. Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa, one of Time magazine's 2021 Next Generational Leaders and an accomplished physician, spoken word poet, and advocate for racialized and marginalized populations, is the host and moderator. Click here to register (registrants will also receive a recorded link) and watch this 'sneak peek' sizzle video of what to expect, too. Any questions, please email  

And now… our video of the week. This clip takes us inside the Chiropody Clinic at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN.


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