Image of Dr. Kevin Smith
Dr. Kevin Smith
Image of Mr. Brian Porter
Mr. Brian J. Porter​
​​​​​​Our commitment to you.

We are pleased to introduce UHN’s 2019-23 Strategic Plan, which will serve as our guide for contributing to A Healthier World.

The plan is bold, ambitious and inspired by the history of world-class care, discovery and learning that established UHN as Canada’s pre-​eminent Academic Health Sciences Centre.

The plan includes a number of Strategic Priorities, built on your ideas and commitment to putting the needs of patients first. It also celebrates our clinical, academic and professional diversity at every level of UHN, which, in turn, reflects the diversity of the city we call home. ​     

As President & CEO and Board Chair of UHN, we know that empowering future generations to make critical choices about their well-being will help unlock a new age of treatments and health. Our commitment to you is that we will clear the path ahead and implement the Strategic Priorities introduced in this plan. At the same time, we are counting on you to share and champion our shared goals. You all play an important role in UHN’s success and the societal benefits of your efforts will be many and far reaching.

UHN’s vision is A Healthier World. Let that be our driving force going forward. By working together, we can deliver a future that is worthy of patients, families, TeamUHN, and those around the world whose lives will be changed by our discoveries and innovations.

Dr. Kevin Smith
President & CEO

Mr. Brian J. Porter
Chair, UHN’s Board of Trustees

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