Dear Colleagues, 

This is an epic week for our UHN Foundations. In this week alone our Foundations will contribute more than $50 million to UHN Programs. The donation from the Sprott Family Foundation to name and support the Sprott Department of Surgery; the final results of the most recent PMH Lottery; th e Ride to Conquer to Cancer and many major gifts from generous donors - our Foundations generated all of these funds in the past week- more than $50M worth of innovation for our hospital.

Raising $50M in a week takes a huge amount of work and on behalf of all of you, I would like to thank all of the people who work in our Foundations for their great work, effort and creativity. We rely on our Foundations for supporting research, buying equipment, renovations and redevelopment, and the support for new structures like the Krembil Discovery Tower. It takes courage to start off each year knowing that you need to raise tens of millions of dollars to reach your budget targets.  Our Foundation teams show real courage in setting themselves new challenges each year and all of this in an economy that is providing its own set of challenges.

UHN's four Foundations are made up of some of our most vibrant and committed UHN staff. This was a tremendous week for them so please take the time to thank someone in who works in one of our Foundations for the magic they create for our hospital.

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