Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago, we shared the 2006/07 Balanced Scorecard results for the third quarter (October-December 2006). I encourage you to take a moment to review these results which reflect progress at UHN in achieving a variety of important strategic goals. The results can be viewed by visiting the Strategic Planning section of the Corporate Intranet.

Turning our attention to the 2007/08 Balanced Scorecard, I am pleased to share this year's list of UHN initiatives supporting our objectives and goals. These initiatives will improve patient safety and patient-centred care; ensure that we have the best staff with the right skills in the right positions; maximize our clinical and operational efficiencies; and advance our leadership in research and education.

As you will see, some initiatives were carried over from last year (for example, GTx, ED-GIM, ehpic centre) since it will take varying amounts of time to see them through to completion. Other initiatives, such as the hand hygiene project, the Interdisciplinary Care Model in the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, the wound care team audit and staff education, have the potential to create best practices across the province, reflecting the talent and expertise of UHN staff.

The list of all UHN initiatives will be available on the Strategy and Scorecard section of the Corporate Intranet. Look out for updates in UHN News.


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