Dear Colleagues

I would like to reflect on our Strategic Planning process so far.  As you know, we have been engaged in an organizational review of where we have been, where we would like to go and how to get there.  As part of this process, Programs and Corporate Areas have been presenting information to the Senior Management Team and then to the UHN Board of Trustees.  So far, the PMH Cancer Program, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program, the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Surgical Services and Critical Care, Medical Imaging and Laboratory Medicine have all completed this process.  The presentations made to the UHN Board of Trustees can be found on the UHN Strategic Plan 2016 webpage located on the Corporate Intranet.

If you have not already had a chance to flip through these presentations, I would like to encourage you to do so.  These presentations describe our programs as they are today as well as what they would like to be in the future.  They are brief representations of more comprehensive strategic plans that have been written.

Once we have completed gathering information, the Senior Management Team will have the exciting task of pulling together all of our program aspirations into a cohesive, integrated, and unified strategy.  We will also begin to build the implementation plan.  This last piece is the most important phase of the process because it will be very difficult to accomplish what it is we want to do without a great roadmap for achieving our goals and objectives.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their feedback, engagement and support throughout this process.  Strategic planning is a large undertaking for any organization and we could not have delivered the excellent work we have to date without your dedication and commitment. 



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