​September often feels like the start of the year. People return from some well deserved time off, students are getting ready for the start of a school year and projects that have been in the planning stage during the summer are ready for launch. One of those projects is UHN's process for the development of our next strategic plan which will be ready to go to our Board of Trustees in December 2010.

If you've been at UHN for a while, you'll know that the last plan was conceived as a 10-year blueprint which would end in 2011. Tom Closson led that process and a look at the document will remind you of all that we've accomplished since 2001. It is now time for UHN to look ahead and describe where we want to be in 2016 and to let you know how you can participate.

Clearly, we'll start on a very strong foundation and on the planning that has been going on within our programs. There is no intention to change our organizational structure, the program planning that is under way or our Vision, Purpose Statement or Values. 'Achieving Global Impact' is something that the organization has embraced and it provides inspiration in a variety of ways.

Our Purpose Statement – "We are a caring, creative and accountable academic hospital, transforming healthcare for our patients, our community and the world." – remains unchanged and will guide us as we plan.

So, how can you get involved?

  • Become familiar with the process and stay in touch with our progress. To do that, just bookmark the UHN Strategic Plan 2016 on our intranet site and check in from time to time.
  • Make sure that you're aware of the planning that is taking place within your program. We will be posting those plans when they are ready but I anticipate that each program has either had a formal engagement strategy for staff or is planning one now.
  • Take a look at our Environmental Scan and tell me if we're missing something in the health care environment that you think could have an effect on UHN in the next five years.

University Health Network's plan must reflect the expectation that we will serve our communities, including the staff and physicians who work here. I am counting on you to be involved and to give us feedback along the way.


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