​Dear Colleagues,

This Straight Talk might be summed up as "get your flu shot", "get your flu shot", "get your flu shot". My thanks to everyone who has done this so far – all 8,000 of you as of this afternoon!

If you haven't seen a flu cart in your area, you can find the stationary carts at the sites.At Princess Margaret, the cart is in the 5th Floor Staff Lounge throughout the day. At Toronto Western, it is in the atrium and at Toronto General it is in the de Gasperis Conservatory on the 4th Floor of the New Clinical Services Building.

Why am I repeating myself with this message? Because we need you safe and healthy and your family and your patients need that as well. It is clear that, as we are seeing more and more staff with illness, it may become necessary to cancel some elective work and redeploy staff to some areas. We all want to avoid that if we can.

As I'm sure you're aware, if you get your shot today, you've got about two weeks before you build up the immunity that will protect you from getting the flu.  If you have questions about the flu, the vaccination program or any other flu related questions, please call the flu hotline at 416-340-FLUS (3587).

A final note – we are having tremendous success with getting all of you vaccinated so we are turning our attention to our patients who fall within the priority groups.Under discussion is using the carts and the staff who are working from the carts and moving them throughout the hospitals in clinic areas so patients can receive their shots so it would be very helpful if most of our staff were vaccinated this week.

More on this as the plan develops, and my thanks to all of you who have bared your arms.


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