Yesterday the Hon. Bob Rae issued a statement which says that he will be undergo heart surgery next week to remove a slowly growing aneurysm and that the surgery will be performed by Dr. Tirone David at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. This announcement has been reported by a number of news outlets and is likely to receive more attention over the coming weeks. As a public figure, Mr. Rae has put plans in place to assist his family, his colleagues and the hospital with the interest in his health, which we will respect so all calls about Mr. Rae's surgery should be referred to Public Affairs.

In addition to the public figures to whom we provide service, as a leader in the healthcare community, care delivered by UHN staff and physicians also often captures the interest and attention of the public. Regardless of whether the patient is a well known name or a name recognized only by family and friends, all our patients are owed the same high standard of privacy and confidentiality.

This is an opportunity for staff to refresh their knowledge of the UHN Privacy and Media Relations Policies.

Highlights of these policies are:

The very fact that the patient is at the hospital is considered protected personal health information and should only be released to the public if the patient has been given the opportunity to object to the release and has not done so.

Accessing patient information where necessary to provide care or deliver service is appropriate. Only access a chart if you need to know to do your job.

Refer all inquiries from the media, including requests for interviews, to Public Affairs and Communications 
During business hours (09:00 - 17:00 hours) direct inquiries to Public Affairs at (416) 340-4636 
After business hours - direct inquiries to the on-call Public Affairs contact through Locating at (416) 340-3155

When you have a free moment take a look through the policies themselves to make sure you're familiar with the content. Links to the Privacy Office and Public Affairs & Communications are available on the Corporate Intranet. 


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