Dear Colleagues,

On Monday we launched our Tri-Hospital beadonor.ca/123 by asking the people of UHN, St. Michael's and Sick Kids to go on line to check that they are registered as an organ donor.

I should have known that there's nothing like a challenge for a good cause to get people at UHN going. By Thursday morning we were at 86% of our original goal (1,500) and we were three days in to the challenge. So the committee got together and we've increased our goal to 2,750 registrations or checked registrations. We have today and next week to get there and I know we can do it. In fact, I suspect that we may go well over that goal. Trillium Gift of Life tells us that the workplace record is 1,724 at Queen's University. Perhaps we can set a record that few can surpass with the combined force of St. Michael's, Sick Kids and UHN.

My thanks to those of you who have taken the challenge and my encouragement to those who mean to go to the site but haven't yet. We need all of you and if we go over the stretch goal, so much the better.

It takes two minutes of your time and you'll need your Health Card in hand when you go to www.beadonor.ca/123.

Thanks again!


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