Dear Colleagues,

Management experts have been known to say that hospitals are the most complex organizations ever designed. UHN encounters a special complexity in that we have three hospital sites, each with an important, unique role in the Ontario health system and three elements to our mission of exemplary patient care, research and education. In addition to this added complexity, we know that we look after the sickest patients in any Canadian hospital since we have several programs specializing in very high acuity patient care.

In providing leadership to thi​​s wonderful organization, it is important to constantly evaluate how our management structures are performing and there is no doubt that we are currently performing extremely well. Our recent accreditation gave really remarkable results -  the surveyors were extremely complimentary about the way we look after patients and how our hospitals are run. We are recognized as leaders in patient safety - Michael Baker's job as provincial lead for patient safety, Emily Musing's role in championing safe medication practice, and Bryce Taylor and Richard Reznick's international introduction of the surgical checklist are evidence of UHN leadership in patient safety. UHN is also recognized as a place where leadership develops - witness John Wright, Kevin Empey and Matt Anderson who have taking on the CEO position this past year.

There is no question that we are on the right track but we should always look for ways to improve. Last week, senior leaders from across UHN brainstormed for two days in a retreat and evolved our management structure, making it more inclusive and providing a wider set of experiences to inform UHN's strategic directions. I want to let you know how this turned out.

Of course, the ultimate responsibility for all major decisions rests with the CEO who has authority for decision making delegated to her/him by the UHN Board of Trustees. In helping to make these major decisions, Emma Pavlov, Catherine Zahn and Justine Jackson will join me in the UHN Executive.

UHN's Senior Management Team (SMT) will inform and advise the UHN Executive in making important decisions and we have expanded SMT to reflect UHN's complexity. Our Clinical Programs are at the core of UHN's activity and will be represented by our five clinical Vice-Presidents (Sarah Downey, Marnie Escaf, Jeanne Jabanoski, Scott McIntaggart and Kathy Sabo) and our seven Program Medical Directors (Michael Baker, Michael Fehlings, Mary Gospodarowicz, Gary Levy, Nizar Mahomed, John Parker, and Bryce Taylor). Our clinical support leaders will be on SMT (Sylvia Asa for UHN Labs, Patrice Bret for Medical Imaging, Charlie Chan for Medical Affairs, Gill Howard for Public Affairs, Lydia Lee for SIMS and Mary Ferguson-Pare for Nursing and Allied Health). Chris Paige (Research), Richard Reznick (Education) and Tennys Hanson and Paul Alofs (Foundations) round out a remarkably experienced, thoughtful and effective senior team.

UHN, like all hospitals, will find more challenges in the years to come. Our funding sources will be restricted at the same time as demands for our services increase. The leaders who have agreed to participate in the UHN Executive and Senior Management Teams are ready to face these challenges and I feel very fortunate to have their good counsel.



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