Dear Colleagues,

Today, we launch UHN's first See it Shine Team Challenge.  For the next 9 weeks we encourage you and your teams to look around your work area for opportunities to apply the See it Shine's Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain approaches.

We know from our recent Employee Engagement Survey results we need to increase our efforts to simplify unnecessarily complex work processes.  You told us that you can waste time looking for the items and tools you need to do your jobs.

As  follow-up to the Survey, we've created See it Shine, which uses a Lean approach called 5S to help teams simplify some of their work processes and improve their work spaces.

Under the executive leadership of Emma Pavlov, Human Resources, the Lean team and IPAC have worked together to create See it Shine  to help you tackle clutter and organize your shared work areas to make them more efficient and enjoyable for the team.

The See it Shine Team Challenge will run from today to November 29th.  We hope that over the next 9 weeks you will take some time with your team to clean and organize a shared work space. Your team's participation gives you an opportunity to win a draw prize.

For more information about how your team can run a See it Shine event in your area and how to be eligible to win a prize, visit:​​

We are committed to provide our patients with a clean, safe hospital. We should do the same for our staff.

Bob ​

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