​Dear Colleagues, 

Many of you have asked about plans for the holiday season and whether we have lifted the restrictions on holiday parties so I thought I'd send a Straight Talk reminding everyone that the hospital does not pay for these celebrations, but does fund the annual 'Holiday Sweets" event at TGH, PMH and TWH as a celebration of the season.

Our newest UHN family members at Toronto Rehab are honouring their tradition this year - all staff receive a festive lunch prior to the holidays. Unlike the rest of UHN TRI staff have not enjoyed a summer BBQ to this point.

I know that many of you have worked with your colleagues and managers to arrange your own celebration of the season or turned your attention to volunteer efforts which give of your time, energy and money to causes within the community. I'd like to thank you for respecting the hospital's decisions about the use of health care funds for celebration and hope that you can join us for the seasonal celebrations.

Bob Bell

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