Dear Colleagues, 

As most of you know, last year, we released our UHN strategic plan, entitled UHN Strategic Directions 2016. Since then, our programs and other areas have been engaged in ​developing more detailed implementation plans. One of these detailed plans is the Roadmap to the Research Hospital of the Future which is being led by the UHN Research team. This is the hospital that we want UHN to become in the next 10 -15 years.

To create this roadmap, we need input from all across UHN—this includes everyone from those with clinical responsibilities, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, to those with research, technical and/or administrative responsibilities. We want to hear your ideas about what you think medicine and ​research in your area of expertise will look like in the future and how UHN should position itself so that it is prepared to lead the way to that future. Your input will help us create the 'roadmap' leading us into 2016 and beyond to evolve into the Research Hospital we want to be.

To enable this, we've created a Strategic Planning web portal on the Research Intranet where you can tell us your ideas and comment on others' ideas. In addition, you can nominate a 'futurist'—someone who is a leading edge thinker/expert that we can invite to talk to us about relevant trends, developments, influences and the future direction of research and clinical care.

Your input is vital to this process. We encourage you to visit the Strategic Planning web portal to tell us what you think and to encourage your UHN colleagues, staff and trainees to do the same.

- Dr. Bob Bell, President and CEO, UHN 
- Dr. Christopher Paige, Vice President, Research, UHN

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