Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to tell you all about a very exciting announcement that was made this morning by the federal government and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

Thanks to a compelling proposal written by Dr. Christopher Paige along with scientific leaders listed below, Jodi Braunton, Ian McDermott and their team, UHN has been awarded a $119M grant to establish our Advanced Therapeutics Research Platform.  The award is the largest in UHN's history.

This award will allow us to reinvest in our research facilities at TGRI and OCI as well as contributing toward the fit-out of the new Krembil Discovery Tower at Toronto Western Hospital.

This funding will capitalize on our ability to work together across sites and across the shrinking interface that binds our clinical and research activities. The themes that will be supported by the RHF and the scientists leading in each area are: 

  • Dr. Ben Ne​el - Signal Transduction and Disease
  • Dr. David Jaffrey - Image Guided Discovery
  • Dr. Eleanor Fish - Biomarker Discovery Centre
  • Dr. Claire Bombardier - Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Gordon Keller - Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering
  • Dr. Pam Ohashi - Immunity in Health and Disease
  • Dr. Emil Pai - Drug Discovery and Development

For more information on this major grant and the research themes, please visit the intranet and look for a whole issue of UHN News dedicated to it in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations again to everyone.




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