Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of everyone at UHN, I want to extend my condolences to our colleagues who have friends and relatives in the Philippines. Some of you know that you have lost loved ones. Others are waiting for news and the waiting is very hard.  Many of you have said that you want to be able to help in some way.

The best way to help the relief efforts in the Philippines is to donate directly to registered charities that have a fund specifically earmarked for typhoon relief.  By doing this before December 8, you will double your donation as the Government of Canada has said that it will match all gifts given in this manner prior to that deadline.  Charitable organizations which are accustomed to working this disaster relief would include the Canadian Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF but there are many others.  What is important to ensure that your donation is matched by the government is that the charity is registered and has a designated typhoon relief fund.

I’ll close this Straight Talk with a request that is about something close to home.  I know that many, many people cross University Avenue by dashing from the front of Toronto General to Princess Margaret or Toronto Rehab.  Recently, a staff member was hit by a car and injured.  The result of a collision between a car and a pedestrian can be devastating and we need to break the habit of jaywalking in front of the hospitals.  Cross at the lights or take the tunnel because no meeting or appointment is worth the risk of serious injury or death.

Bob Bell

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